The Guardian of Athmore

The Guardian of Athmore

The moon is red.

The wind whips through the alleyways of Fairmont, Florida.

Diana Anderson only has eleven days to find the soul gem before Earth and Athmore consume themselves.

Her guardian, Sheev Grayden, came to Earth sixteen years ago at her birth and created the link between it and Athmore. Now Diana must follow him back into the world of Athmore and journey to the Temple of Souls to retrieve the Soul Gem. However, once she gets there, far more dangerous things await her then the raging wind.
Diana and Sheev are followed by an Adept Assassin called Tyon and his two henchmen, battle a village of man-eating plant beings called the Shibaru, and cross the deadly five fingered lake. All before they even make it to the Temple.

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