Merry Christmas, Ice Cream Man!




‘Twas the Sixteenth of April, when all through the house

every creature was stirring, even a mouse;

The laundry was folded on the dresser with care,

In hopes that relaxation soon would be there;

The dogs were nestled next to their mother;

Both were quiet Paige and her brother;

And mamma with her book, and I with mine,

Had just settled our brains for relaxation time,

When out in the distance, what do I hear?

Is that really Christmas music playing this time of year?

Away to the window I flew like a flash,

Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

Sure enough as the music grew nearer;

I heard jingle bells clearer and clearer;

Once Jingle Bells turned to frosty the snowman;

I could tell it was none other than the Icecream man.

The summers at my Grandparents house came back in my mind;

But somehow so did Christmas Time;

In the summers when visiting and we heard that distinct chime;

We knew if we went fast enough we would make it in time.

As the truck rolled into view;

I clambered downstairs, taking them by two;

“One Spiderman Pop” I said with delight;

Imagining the taste of that very first bite.

He had a wood brown stick, his head was lumpy;

His gumball eyes were half melted and bumpy.

I thought “This doesn’t look like the spider guy;

It looks like Strongbad with a lazy eye.”

Still, I chomped down;

And memories from child reached the foreground.

The gumballs were stale and the ice cream was sour,

But what mattered were the feelings that came back this hour.

It’s not about the look or about the flavor,

It’s about the memories that the Pop makes you savor.

“Merry Christmas!” I said “and to all a good night.”

“Whatever.” He said as he shoved a cigarette in his mouth and drove out of sight.