Getting Back in the Saddle

Getting Back in the Saddle copy

So.. yeah.. it’s been a while. It feels like an eon since I last wrote a blog post. I’ve had an interesting past couple of months that included, but was not limited to, going on a job interview two hours away, totaling my car on the way home from said interview, playing phone tag with the insurance company, getting the new job, and working nutty hours at my current as I finish up my last two weeks there. The bottom line, life got in the way. It happens to the best of us.

Sure there are some very successful writers out there that let nothing get in the way of completing their daily word count but I’m not one of them. Odds are you aren’t either. If you are one of those juggernauts of the keyboard, I offer you a sincere Kudos. Seriously, that’s awesome! For the rest of us though sometimes you lose track. Maybe it happens for a couple of days, weeks, months or even years. The important thing is that you get back on the proverbial horse, put your nose to the grind stone and other worn-out slogans.

Writing makes me happy, simple as that. I get a sense of euphoria when I finish a draft of a work in progress that can only be matched by the feeling of the first day of spring, or a fridge full of food. Hey Zack likes his food. Leave me alone.

Writing these little blog posts scratches an itch that novel writing can’t. It gives me the opportunity to communicate with other writers instantly. Plus I get to communicate in a different way with my writing.

If writing makes you feel good, then you should also do it. If life wants to get in the way, do your best to keep getting back to writing. If you somehow find yourself, like me, weeks out from your last written word just jump back in and get back to writing. After all, we can’t be Novel Noobs if we aren’t doing the novel part.